How to Keep Yourself on the Right Path to Fulfill your Dreams…



Recently my sister asked me what my five year goal plans are and if I didn’t have any to write them down. I thought to myself; that’s a good question. I don’t really think that far ahead. Mostly I have been just dealing with the simple day-to-day stuff; getting up – working, figuring out what’s for dinner, and checking social media. So how do you go about approaching a five year plan?


I figured what I needed to do was set some realistic short-term goals for myself which includes doing some writing every day whether it’s in my journal or doing blogging or working on my website. I don’t classify myself as a professional writer but goal setting I can handle. So what are some short-term goals and how long are they? Short-term goals can be anything from making a chore list and getting them done to sticking to your diet for the entire week. I learned that from participating in Weight Watchers. That has a lot of planning involved if you really stick to the program. It does work but if you don’t then it won’t.


Little more about me, I started my web design business 15 yrs ago and who knew that the technology would grow this much so I have some redirection to think about even with my own work. Goals are an awesome way to keep yourself on the right path. Whether short-term or long-term, financially or personal, if you set up goals for yourself you are on the way to success! Here is what I recommend that you might do to take that first step. I would get a small journal or if you have a computer use a word doc file and start journaling your goals. Once you achieve each goal mark; big or small, you can treat yourself to something – maybe something like a nice meal out or a movie with a friend etc. You write it down next to that goal and then if you achieve it then you will
receive it.



Written by the Team